Feb 1, 2010

Old works 03

Rhapsody is a memorable piece because it was when I first started using 3D to make an animation! I have so much fun modelling the character, trying out zbrush, correcting the lighting and colours while trying to achieve the best I could. My major inspiration was Final Fantasy, I had always wanted to achieve that standard but I think I'm still far from it. I was too ambitious and I guess that feeling had faded. Now I prefer to go for something more practical and simpler.

Here are some stills of the progression that I would like to share.

Old Works 02

This is a TVC I did for a group work in my film language class. My teamates, Kavan, whom is the actor, and the sub was translated by Evonne, while voice, directingm editing and compositing were done by me. Please laugh and get ready for goosebumps!

Jan 17, 2010

Old works 01

   Its 2010, where should I begin. Probably, France. It's an amazing country where one is supposed to fall in eternal love the moment you breathe its air~ sounds like a myth huh?

   I have yet to finish posting my previous works. This will be the one I will dump all the things I have done during the past 4 years in LKW, when lesser works had been produced in the latter days.

   This 2D animation was made for Mika- Love Today. I seriously love that whole album with his flamboyant voice and all that funky music that I have the hardest time to pick which one to make into an MTV because they were all fabulous. So, I figured that I have a story of a little girl, falling into a world with random characters, so I thought it would be nice to pick Love Today as she should look happy with everything is colorful, bright, and cute. Here it is, my custom MTV for Love Today.

   Also, I had made a interactive for this MTV where you can play around with it before watching the MTV. Play it at this ->>link<<-, or you can download it directly cuz the loading is kinda slow. Hope you like it! I also made 2 promotional cut-out people for the MTV.

Dec 29, 2009

My Showreel in Lim Kok Wing

I finally finished editing the showreel of all the works I had done for the past 4 years since I started my journey in LUCT.

The first part of the reel will be glimpse of my concept arts followed by montage of all my animation clips. If you are interested, feel free to view my other animations on my youtube link as well.

Dec 13, 2009

Mye Animated Shorts

This is my final project that I did in LimKokWing in 2009 before I graduate. Lots of hard times to get this done, and I'm glad its not as bad as I thought it would be. 


   The basis of “Mye”, the name of the main character in the animation, derives as a reflective metaphor of the capitalist world the author feels he is subjected to. Mye represents the growing anti-capitalist in her region, where her blindness is symbolic to the extent that priority becomes blurred while ethical and humanitarian principles become secondary, if not utterly neglected in its entirety. 
   The journey encountered is set in a surreal hyper-realistic world, where Mye is followed by Tobu, a synonym of her thought processes that affect her cause of actions. The environment is deliberately colourful and abstract and the graphic signs serve to communicate and direct her on her path of realization. When she misses the exit or fails to realize an opportunity, a box serves as a natural sign of going against order, forcing her to realize that she had been slacking and needs to pay more attention to her decisions.
   The clown-like characters that appear represent distinguished professionals, presenting their point of view of capitalist gains and benefits, to which Mye opts to not share the same viewpoint. The hostile disagreement brings Mye to the final leg of her journey, when she is enlightened and realizes that the most important priority in her life is her family, morality and ethical humanitarian roots, henceforth returning home.

Dec 8, 2009

Showreel Blog

This is mainly a blog of my previous works.